I felt at ease with Tony the first time I met him. He has made such a difference in my life. With Tony I have learned the coping mechanisms to be able to get on with my life, enjoy the moment and do something when things get too much.
M O, North London


Tony’s kindness and concern has helped me to recognize the signs and symptoms of anxiety and depression before they engulf me and then do something about it. No more being the victim. I feel very  fortunate that Tony has guided me back to knowing who I am, and getting me back to enjoying life and be enthused by it again.
S P, London


I was in a relationship for 4 years, and had so many problem. He could see through my eyes he was so kind and he understood me. Because of this therapy I sorted out with my boyfriend the problems we had. Thank you.
M O, Finchley


I came to Tony after trying 3 other therapists. Each failed to grasp the issues and seemed to be going through the motions. In contrast, Tony got right down to the issues, he could see there were things I wanted to change. Het about constructively helping me to decide, one step at a time, how best to deal with them.

I was very impressed with Tony and have recommended him to several friends. Certainly Tony is by far and away the best therapist I have seen, and his confronting style is tempered with his sense of humour, quick wit, and caring nature.”
S M, Borehamwood


I had tried so many diets and was getting no where, my weight was too high and I really needed help. So I tried CBT. Now I am in control of my weight, I choose what to eat. My health has improved and I feel great. My confidence has improved, and I don’t think about food all the time.  Things have really changed for the better, and I’m so glad that I chose to take action. I can’t thank you enough.
K Manzano, London


Thank you so much for helping me through some difficult times. Working with you, I felt like someone was fighting in my corner. You helped me understand who I am. I stop putting myself down. I now learn to respect myself. I find others respect me too.
K Crumpleman, Edgware


I have finally been able to put aside those things from my childhood which were stopping me from enjoying life now.
C Conen, London


I would recommend this to anyone who suffered from anxiety. My sessions made a massive difference to my life. I went through life worrying, insecure, depressed. I just did not know how to stand up for myself. Now have calmness and inner-strength. I did not know it was possible for me.
M Onishi, London


I was a victim of bullying at work, which caused me to become anxious and depressed. With your help I was able to understand what was happening to me and how I was being isolated and attacked. I was able to overcome my fears, take charge of the situation and stop bullying from happening in my new job. This has given me confidence at work, and I find that I now realise that bullies are jealous, inadequate people who feel threatened by a person who is popular and competent. This has helped me to understand how bullies operate and to deconstruct their power. A bully at my current workplace tried the same tactics recently and, I was able quickly to take action to neutralise their effect on me.
A M London


This has changed my life for the better. I suffered crippling shyness and self-doubt. From the moment we started work, I felt that I was making a change. I have learned to face life with confidence and self-assurance I did not think was possible. The support and gentle kindness I received has been so helpful. I learned to participate in the process, rather than wait for the next session where I would be treated. For the first time in my life I am living with real self-confidence.
G H, Essex


I would recommend Tony Freeman to anyone wishing to battle depression. I was somewhat sceptical at first, but when I saw how the tools I was given enabled me to get out of black moods, I realised that there was a way for me to be happy again. I am now in a loving relationship, and I can take on challenges that I used to avoid. You helped me so much. Thank you.
M Delazaro, London