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   Telephone & Online therapy

Now you can enjoy therapy from your home or office, without the time and aggravation of travel.

I have found internet and phone therapy to be as effective as face-to-face sessions. In fact, many clients find that they are able to relax and get more out of therapy by avoiding the stress of travel.

All services are provided in confidence. If you are seeking counselling for anxiety, stress, OCD, depression, relationship or sexual issues -  or you just want to get something 'off your chest', telephone and online therapy offers a simple, economic and convenient solution.

Whether the problems and challenges you face, telephone and online psychotherapy will provide you with professional support. You may wish to have a one off session, or long term therapy.

How sessions work

I will contact you by phone or internet, there is no charge for calls.

Together we will worth to understand and find solutions to psychological and emotional issues in your life.

We then work towards making changes that will solve problems holding you back, reduce emotional distress, reduce anxiety, anger, fear and other reactions. This will help you to live a more calm, confident and relaxed life.

Short Notice therapy

If you are in need of help, are dealing with difficult emotions or suffering a dilemma, call or email for Short Notice Therapy. I will return your contact As Soon As Possible.

I have found Short Term Therapy to be highly effective, it allows you and I to talk in depth about the issue at hand - as it happens. You will receive support and advice as you need it.

We can then work together towards understanding your situation, and work towards a positive solution to your problem.

Please contact me to discuss therapy or book an appointment

Ex-Pat therapy

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